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Thank you for stopping by Style And Paws! Your company is greatly appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed!

I am Elena, I was born and raised in Russia and came to New York at the tender age of nineteen. Quite literally I went through an overnight (over-flight) transition from being a home flower who lived with her parents and never had to pay one bill to becoming an adult who now had to take care of herself 100%, and not just in the context of being away from home but in a new country, in a giant, amazing, exciting then unknown to me land called New York.  Within hours of landing at JFK, I fell head over the heels in love with the city (although I clearly remember I was wearing flats) which became my new home. In 2012, after many professional and personal adventures, I feel head over the heels again, this time for the most amazing man, and, after a few months and a wedding, moved to New Jersey. But New York is always in my heart, and I am (almost) always in New York.

The reason I started this blog is quite simple – I love animals, all animals, dogs and cats, pigs, cows and chickens. That is why I don’t eat them, don’t wear them, I just love them! I wanted to share fashion tips, advice, recipes and life style aspirations that don’t involve animal cruelty. The reality is, anything for which an animal or a part of an animal is used, comes from hair raising cruelty. I was saddened, for example, to find out that even something as seemingly harmless as wool often comes from extreme abuse where the sheep are mutilated without any painkillers.

I have always been interested in healthy living and tried to abide by the concept’s main principles. However in the last several months, I have become even more serious about my eating habits, exercising and general healthy approach to life. Hence the desire to share my discoveries along the way in the hopes that they might be helpful to you guys.

Among my other interests is reading, hiking, theatre, movies. I am also a sucker for philosophy and long winded conversations about abstract things such as meaning of life, happiness, human dynamics, etc. I can literally spend hours say in a coffee shop with my husband, my mom or my like-minded friend talking it out over a cup of tea. So from time to time, there will be a post of that nature.

One of my other biggest interests is jewelry design. Actually, it is no longer just a hobby for me. In 2014, after years of making jewelry and selling it via boutiques in New York City, I finally launched my brand, Elena Fomina, officially. It is now my “day” job which allows me to make my own schedule, to travel a lot and to have a generally flexible life style. Stay tuned for contests and giveaways for which I will be collaborating with my designer self. You won’t want to miss them as all Elena Fomina jewelry is handmade in New York with semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals.

All in all, aside from my personal and professional aspirations, the desire to help the most vulnerable of us all is what largely drives me in my life. I support animal shelters in the US and my native Russia, farm animal sanctuaries and many other causes and organizations that try to make our world a better place. I believe true living begins when a person starts to live not just for themselves and their immediate circle but also for those who so desperately need our help.

Hence are my style heroes: Brigitte BardotStella McCartney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christy Turnlington . All these incredibly fashionable women and men are doing so much to help the less fortunate.

After all, compassion is the most stylish thing on any woman (or man)!